Wish A Smile organizes various events for the upliftment of the socially backward people. Events are organized to bring about general awareness about such people and how other people can help them live a dignified life. We also organize fundraising events through which we accept donations and sponsorshipt for the betterment of poor people.

Awareness Events

The first step towards change is awareness, which in turn gives rise to conscience and independent will. Wish A Smile conducts awareness sessions with this theme in mind. People need to be made aware of how their small contributions can make huge difference to the lives of others and bring precious smiles on the faces of the underpriviledged people. People talk about what they have gained in life, but fail to think about what they have given to the society that we live in. This outlook, if changed, can make our society more human. The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another.

Fundraising & Sponsorship Events

The purpose of human existence is not meant to live only for oneself. The purpose of existence has deep roots connected to the welfare of others. Being concerned about the society and its troubles will serve for nothing unless they take an action to help and decide to make a donation. When someone makes a donation, no matter how small the amount, is the reflection of your kindness. A small act of compassion though you may not see it, can create a significant impact on someone's life, giving them a reason to smile and to survive in this world. Even a small group of thoughtful and committed people can change the world when they are contributing to support an organization for a noble cause. A generous donation can ensure a better life for millions who are suffering each day. Wish A Smile organizes fundraising and sponsorship events with a goal of making a positive difference to the lives of such people.